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Syracuse Community Health Center Inc. is an FTCA deemed organization.



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Our Mission


To provide quality health care services to all individuals with a commitment to those who might otherwise be excluded from the health care system, while remaining cost effective, efficient, and competitive.


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For more than 32 years, SCHC has provided high quality health care services in Syracuse and its surrounding neighborhoods for families who might not otherwise have access to medical services. SCHC remains committed to continuing that pursuit and to developing access to health care services and educating patients to improve overall well being.



Syracuse Community Health Center System of Care Profile



Annual operational budget more than $177,000,000

16 sites, including 8 Syracuse City School based sites

400+ employees that include 106+ healthcare providers

Serves as the health care provider for more than 40,000 individuals

Serves 60 - 70% of Syracuse's at risk populations, including the elderly, single family households, below poverty level households, Medicaid recipients and those without a high school diploma

SCHC's unique niche is as a trusted guarantor of access to high quality health care services for all people.