Syracuse Rising

SYRACUSE, November 17, 2017 — ‘We choose to rise:’ Developer Robert Doucette makes a video that asks what’s next for Syracuse. Doucette is known for the downtown Syracuse buildings he’s returned to former grandeur. He’s credited with starting the redevelopment of Armory Square.

He’s made a short film about Syracuse that seems like a call to action.

The video, shot by Syracuse videographer Mike Roy, has this caption on Vimeo: “Robert Doucette has a message for his city. He’s asking residents to listen – and believe.”

The narrative is both a statement of what Syracuse was, and a question about what it can be going forward.

“We never claimed to be New York City. Never wanted to be.. we are who are. The Salt City,” Doucette says. “We were the capital of a native empire. We stood with the slaves before they were made free…We embraced the immigrants, the outcasts and the refugees and we still do.”

He lists the things Syracuse used to make: cars, china, air conditioners, and before that, salt.

Then he asks: “So what’s next for this city that’s always had its sleeves rolled up?”

Watch the video here: Syracuse Rising