In June 2014, SCHC discovered certain individuals’ health information was improperly accessed by SCHC employees. The information related to lab results performed by the laboratory at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital. The improper accesses occurred between September 21, 2013 and March 18, 2014. In addition, the records viewed also included full names, dates of birth, addresses, social security numbers, and medical account numbers. SCHC has no reason to believe that the information was used to improperly access financial information of the individuals impacted by this breach. The individuals involved in the breach are no longer SCHC employees. Also, as a result of this breach, SCHC has strengthened its HIPAA compliance program, which included retraining and educating staff on the proper access of patient health information. SCHC has since confirmed that SCHC personnel are accessing lab tests and results properly.

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