Federally Qualified Health Centers are required to have a majority of the members of its Board of Directors who are currently served by the health center. As a group, patient members of the board must reasonably represent the individuals who are served by the health center in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender.

In addition to meeting the FQHC requirements, members of SCHC’s Board of Directors are respected members of our community who volunteer their time, energy and talents to guide the organization in increasing patient access to care and ensuring proper stewardship of our financial resources.

Our current Board of Directors includes:

  • Mr. Raymond Blackwell
  • Hon. Vanessa E. Bogan
  • Mr. Bruce Conner (Secretary)
  • Mr. Charles Conole
  • Mr. Calvin Corriders
  • Ms. Paula Freedman
  • Mr. Ben Moore (Board Chair)
  • Mr. Stephen Markley (Treasurer of Corporation)
  • Mr. Harry Thompson (Second Vice-Chair)
  • Mr. Steven Williams (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr. Michael Wolfson
  • Mr. Mark Hall (President & CEO)
  • Ms. Agnes McCray
  • Mr. Kevin Randall
  • Dr. Brian Thompson
  • Ms. Cheryl Vitaletti
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